May 23
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The Swedish newspaper Expressen published an article confirming a fact which the Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden (UAAS) pointed out, already back in September 2010: Göran Lindblad works for the government in Azerbaijan, UAAS said in a statement.

The group’s statement reads as follows:

“His task, in his own words, is to “lobby in the issue of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan”.

Since Lindblad lost his parliamentary seat in the 2010 election (September), he has been recruited by the “The European Azerbaijan Society”, TEAS. The organization itself asserts being independent and working for “Azerbaijani interests in Europe”. However, their strong connections to Baku is evident in their agenda as well as in the fact that Tale Heydarov, the chairman of TEAS, is the son of Kamaladdin Heydarov, a minister in the Azerbaijani government.

Already back in September 2010, UAAS wrote about Lindblad’s partiality and open lobbying for the Azerbaijani interests while he still was a member of the Swedish Riksdag. When he was appointed to EU Reporter for Armenia (June, 2010), his objectivity was strongly challenged, since he openly took Azerbaijan’s side, but also Turkey’s.

 The same year he submitted a pro-Azeri motion to the Riskdag on the Karabakh Conflict, a motion which was voted down. Back then, he rejected all criticism and blamed the Armenian side for personal attacks.

The Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden welcomes the confirmation of the partiality of Lindblad at the same time that UAAS regards this highly alarming that the Azerbaijani oil money has evidently found its way to the institutions which are supposed to mediate peace in the Karabakh Conflict, based on international laws and rights, not through bought politicians and saber-rattling.”

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