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VANADZOR. – Currently Vanadzor’s orphanage has 94 children, whose destinies are different but yet the same.

The youngest inhabitant of the orphanage is just 5 months old, the oldest turned 18 recently. The newest member of the orphanage arrived on May 20, the oldest has been leaving in the orphanage for already 10 years.

There are children who are under short time care, it depends what status a child has, the director of the orphanage Arshaluys Harutyunyan told Armenian

“In care shelters children are fully protected,” the director said adding that he cannot say the same about children leaving in certain families.

The children ended up in orphanages for different reasons. Some of them do not have parents, others do but it is the same as not having them at all.

Many parents bring their children to orphanages because of financial problems, while others want to arrange their personal lives without any ‘obstacles’.

Surprises await the children of the Vanadzor orphanage on the International Children’s Day.

Chalk drawing activities will be organized in the yard of the orphanage.

The drawings truly reflect a child’s psychology.

“In the orphanage the children do not have any concerns, but that changes once they are left to care for themselves. Then they encounter psychological, physical and everyday issues. The biggest problem for the orphanage graduates is the shelter issue,” the director of the orphanage said. “I never wish to see a child on the street, head down, begging. I wish that greater attention was paid to children.”

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