June 15
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There is a small class of wealthy and a large class of poor in Armenia, Premier Tigran Sargsyan stated in Brussels while responding to the questions posed by foreign journalists. 

“Whereas the engine that takes the society forward is the middle class, which today is weak in Armenia. That is why our objective is to keep the wealthy under control, to make their activities public and controllable, and to create favorable conditions for the small and medium size business, considering this as the best strategy for surmounting poverty,” said the PM. 

In his words, Armenia has started its fight against corruption from the top, by obligating five-hundred senior officials to formally declare their income and property.   

Tigran Sargsyan recalled that an Ethics Commission is established in Armenia, and its primary function is to oversee the officials’ formal declarations on their income and property. Also, these declarations will be posted on the Internet for Armenia’s citizens, the PM noted.

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