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PARIS. – The new authorities of France do not want to start their governance period with any disagreement with Turkey so they are trying to delay the bill on criminalizing denial of genocides for a while, French MP Hilda Tchoboian told Armenian

“It must be understood that the issue of criminalizing the denial genocides in France is quite complex and multi-layered. We are talking not only about historical justice and human rights, but also the national interests of this country and its relations with other states, strategic and geopolitical interests. Given all this, the French authorities are trying not to touch the bill yet,” she said.

According to her, the Armenian community of France must do everything so that the bill will not be forgotten. As Armenian reported earlier, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius touched upon the Armenian issue in an interview with Le Monde.

“As regards the Armenian issue, we must consider the decision of the Constitutional Council,” he said.

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