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Iranian media outlets, in particular ISNA agency, claimed the shining object observed on Friday in the Middle East sky was as a result of scientific research under the code name “Dawn”.

No other details are informed. However, some Iranian media outlets claim that the shining object was indeed a trace of a missile.

To note, a similar object was observed in the Armenian sky as well, while expert Artsrun Hovhannisyan told Armenian that it was similar to a ballistic missile.

NEWSru Israel said it does not explain presence of “UFO” in other states of the Middle East.

As the agency informed earlier, Israeli outlets linked the object with the Russian Topol missile launched from Astrakhan. According to witnesses, a cone-like thing appeared in the sky, afterwards there was a flash and a twist, and, subsequently, the light-emanating and ball-shaped object separated into two twisting points and then disappeared.         

Russian MOD confirmed reports on having launched a missile, however, it followed western course targeted at Kazakhstan. Hence, it is unclear what people in other countries saw.

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