July 25
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YEREVAN. – The desire of leaving the native country is not a phenomenon unique only for Armenians, people throughout the world have such desires and the recent publication of British Sun paper about British citizens wishing to leave their country proves that, Chief of Armenia’s Migration Department Gagik Yeganyan told Armenian

As Yeganyan informs, according to The Sun, 40 percent of British citizens want to leave their country. The reasons for wanting to leave the country are different and include difficult life conditions, unemployment, the weather and so on. The British would prefer to go to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

According to Yeganyan, when in 2010 Gallup conducted a survey in the CIS countries 39 percent of the Armenian population has mentioned that they would leave Armenia and permanently get settled in another country. 44 percent had stated that they would like to work abroad for some time.

Armenians prefer the European countries, the USA because of its large Armenian community and Russia due to the visa-free regime.

According to the expert, if people wish to leave a country like Britain than it is just the nature of mankind always wanting better life conditions and in order to get that they think of moving to other countries.

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