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YEREVAN.- Armenia needs a more professional National Security Council, not run by a questionable politician, Armenian political expert, Richard Giragosian, told journalists in Yerevan.

Giragosyan, who leads Yerevan-based Regional Studies Center think tank, noted that the military aggression of Azerbaijan, most evidently observed on June 4-5th on the line of contact between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops at the north-west of Armenia, is actually seen as a threat by Ankara.

“Turkey is very concerned about the recent Azerbaijani offensive, and has already sent a message to Baku saying this is a dangerous mistake by the Azerbaijani leaders,” he said. The reason for such a reaction, he explained, is that the belligerence of Azerbaijan limits the influence of Turkey in the Middle East.  

“Azerbaijani-Turkish relations are not as close as they once were, and the slogan ‘One nation, two states’ is no more an effective one,” he added.

This confirms a new reality in the region, where Turkey considers Azerbaijan as a threat to the regional stability. Moreover, the same view has been adopted by the international actors, Washington, Moscow, and now Ankara and Brussels.

Last, but not least, he added, the behavior of Azerbaijan emphasizes the need to strengthen the National Security Council of Armenia, and to have a more qualified person to serve as its secretary, “not a questionable politician,” he added.

To remind, the incumbent secretary of the NSC is the head of the Country of Law political party, the minor member of the ruling coalition.

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