April 23
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YEREVAN. – Up to 320-million cubic meters of water could be released for irrigation purposes from Armenia’s Lake Sevan in 2012.    

During its Thursday’s session, the Government approved the draft on making changes in the law on approving the Lake’s ecosystem programs, and this draft will be will be introduced for the approval of the National Assembly. Pursuant to this law, a maximum of 170-million cubic meters of water can be released each year from the Lake. 

Armenia’s 2012 irrigation season commenced in April, which is unprecedented for the past three years, and there is irrigation water scarcity in the country ever since that month. 

A total of 76.87-million cubic meters of water was released from Lake Sevan between May 2 and Thursday, in the case when in 2001-2012 irrigation water was released primarily starting from the first ten days of June.   

And the situation is the same in Armenia’s Aparan and Azat reservoirs. 

As per PM Tigran Sargsyan, an emergency situation is created in Armenia with respect to the scarcity of irrigation water, and therefore the Ararat Valley agriculture is under a risk.  

“The current [irrigation water] resources will be used up very quickly. [And therefore] We will be compelled to receive the National Assembly’s permission and to receive an additional 150-milion cubic meters of water from Lake Sevan, so we would not have problems,” said Sargsyan.

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