October 05
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American administration has neither ready scenarios, nor new approaches to resolution of the Karabakh conflict, Russian expert told Armenian

Eduard Popov, head of the Black Sea-Caspian center of Russia’s Institute for Strategic Studies, said that the experts’ skeptical attitude towards Hillary Clinton’s visit to the region proved to be right.

“The trip should be regarded not only in the context of foreign policy but internal, pre-election policy as well.

Several months prior to US presidential elections on the background of growing criticism against US foreign policy strategy (first of all in relation to Russia and region called “The Greater Middle East”) carried out by Obama, the administration must display activeness and confirm that the process is managed,” he said.

Another possible scenario may be viewed in the context of the visit, in this case the Karabakh peace process plays a considerable role.

“The point is preparation for possible aggression against Iran. This includes likelihood of unfreezing conflict by Azerbaijan in order to solve the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh which is in fact independent from Baku. Nevertheless, Clinton’s visit is not contribution to Karabakh and the entire South Caucasus,” he added.   

Behind the visit are election plans of the ruling US administration and probably military and strategic interests of US and Washington, he considers.

As reported earlier, during her regional trip Hillary Clinton said the parties to the Karabakh conflict will be offered new approaches during the next meeting of foreign ministers.

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