December 01
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KRASNODAR. – Russian Krasnodar city published ‘A Dagger in the Garden’ historical novel by a French writer of Armenian descent Vahe Kacha.

The book describes the events in the period of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey and Western Armenia occupied by the Turks, Yerkramas newspaper reports.

The author gives a panorama and objective picture of tragic events, starting from the 1880-90 pogroms and ending by 1915-22 extermination of about 2 million Armenians.

 It will not be easy for the reader to handle with the novel description, which surrounds him/her with heroes of the book, who are common people. They love and are loved and unwillingly become innocent victims of slaughters.

This text available in   Հայերեն, Русский and Türkçe