January 26
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YEREVAN. – Armenia’s former FM and Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) MP Vartan Oskanian as a skilled diplomat with rich political experience, attempts to astray the society’s attention and present himself as ‘an innocent victim’ of political pursues, Armenia’s National Security Service head Gorik Hakobyan said in an interview with Armenpress, commenting on the criminal case instigated against Oskanian and Civilitas foundation set up by the latter.

“Oskanian hurried up to declare on the very first day of the interrogation that the instigated criminal case is nothing else but a political order. Hence, he hurried up to astray the society’s attention attempting to politicize the criminal case and create an image of ‘an innocent victim’ of political pursues,” Hakobyan said.

As for the fact that Oskanian and the foundation’s incumbent head Salbi Ghazarian declined from providing testimonies, the secret service head said that law provides them with that opportunity. However, it seems strange that the foundation heads, whose mission is to reinforce civil society, establish law and justice in Armenia, as well as disclose truth, instead choose a behavior similar to a mafia clan representative. 

Asked what the base of Oskanian’s statement is, Hakobyan said that the PAP MP simply tries to astray the society’s attention from the main issues by making all this fuss and present himself as ‘an innocent victim’ of political pursues. Oskanian avoids facing the facts. However, the existing issues in the case cannot be left unanswered regardless of anyone’s wish.

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