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YEREVAN. – There has not been any Armenian Government which would fulfill the whole Government Program confirmed by the parliament.

If the previous Governments would have fulfilled 50 percent of their programs then there would be no corruption in Armenia, there would be no complaints from the customs services, the business sphere would have improved, oligopolies would have left the country and people would have returned to the country. But all this does not happen yet and the Government has many explanations why it does not fulfill the program.

The structure of the expected results has been changed in this new program. Several provisions from the previous program have been removed. But expectations like increase of pensions, reduction of poverty, opening new work places remained in the program. New provisions on increasing minimal wage, providing life insurance for children and promotion of birth rate were added. The new Government Program is not a maximalist one, but it also includes risks. The Government only mentioned external risks but domestic risks should not be neglected. The Government has paid more attention to institutional reforms, which is a positive thing.

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