June 25
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YEREVAN. - Armenia should do all possible for the Armenian community in Syria felt the state support and interests were protected, expert of the Arab studies Hayk Kocharyan said at a press conference on Friday.

According to him, situation in Syria got radically deteriorated in the recent months, which sharpens situation of the Armenian community. Syria is on the brink of the civil war, while authorities try to stop the alleged opposition, which is targeted at breaking up Syria.

The expert thinks it is difficult to answer how the situation in Syria will develop, however, the Assad’s regime has time to reinforce positions taking into account the U.S. upcoming presidential elections.

At the same time the situation with the Armenian community in Syria is very concerning. Quoting Facebook social network sources, Kocharyan said that part of the community supports the authorities, while the other part the opposition

“The community is not united and it brings forth tension inside it,” he said adding representatives of the community take part in actions from both sides, but it does not carry an institutional character.

Asked whether Armenia is ready to accept refugees from Syria in case of deteriorated situation, Kocharyan said that it is not an issue.

“Migration of the Armenians from Syria will be an extreme measure to take. Armenians do not feel the homeland’s support and we should take all possible measures to show to community that Armenia protects its interests,” the expert said adding migration of the Armenians is not acceptable as otherwise they will lose the important presence in the Middle East.

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