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Armenian presents an interview with the winner of Children’s New Wave Song Contest 2011, Armenian Andranik Alexanyan. Winner of Children’s New Wave – 2011, ‘Person of the Year’ according to the Ukrainian version of Komsomolskaya Pravda, participant of Junior Eurovision 2009, Andranik Alexanyan gives solo concerts in his 14 years.

Despite his serious illness (he has achondroplasia – dwarfism) the boy moves towards his dream of singing on big stages. Andranik came to Yerevan in order to participate in the Children’s Award Ceremony as an honorary guest. He told the reporter of Armenian about his plans for the future.

Currently you are in the phase of teenage voice mutation. How is everything going, are you allowed to sing? As far as I know you have a rather busy tour schedule.

Yes, the mutation will go on for another 4 months, and then everything will be normal again. I am allowed to sing but not much. I have a rather busy schedule. I leave for Latvia from here and then to Italy.

You participated in many contests. Which one was the most important for you?

Of course, the New Wave. Even the participation in the Junior Eurovision was not as important. After the New Wave contest I became famous and received many invitations.

Who is your producer?

My mother is my producer. From one hand it’s good, but on the other hand not so much.

How do you create your repertoire?

I like pop, classical music, songs with a large range, where you can demonstrate your voice. I sing what I like. I don’t like rock.

You have announced many times that you dream of singing at the La Scala. Are your plans the same?

Yes, my dream might become true soon. Next year I’m finishing 9th grade and I have to decide what I’ll do next. I would like to study in Italy.

You have a song entitled ‘Two Fatherlands’. What did you want to say with that song and did you write it?

Yes, I am the author of the song. I wanted to say that Armenia, as well as Ukraine are my fatherlands and none of them must be neglected.

I know that after winning the New Wave some the famous Ukrainian and Russian artists watch over you. With whom are you closest? Who gives you advices?

Yes, Phillip Kirkorov supports me. I often meet Ani Lorak during concerts.

You were to undergo medical examination in Germany and Saint-Petersburg. Are there any news? What do the doctors say?

I underwent an examination in Petersburg. The doctors don’t guarantee that after an operation I won’t be chained to a chair. I will not decide upon an operation without guarantees. I did not go to Germany. A day in the hospital there costs €20,000 and I have to stay there a few weeks. We do not have that much money yet.

Do you visit Armenia often?

No, the last time I was here 11 years ago. But I will visit if there are invitations. But, even without invitations I will visit my grandparents in Hoktemberyan.

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