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YEREVAN. – There is no need to be afraid of genetically modified vegetables if it is know what type of genes they are injected with, stated Director Gayane Sargsyan of the Armenian Scientific Center for Garden Vegetables and Technical Crops during a press conference on Wednesday.  

In her words, genetically modified vegetables simply need to be labeled, but this is not always the case. So, we cannot unequivocally claim that Armenia does not import genetically modified tomatoes or vegetables, or their seeds and seedlings. But Sargsyan assured that no local vegetable is genetically modified.        

The situation, however, is different when it comes to soy. Gayane Sargsyan informed that 95 percent of soy produced in the world is genetically modified, and therefore it is very likely that such soy is being imported to Armenia. But the aforesaid Center has processed “pure” soy and activities are currently underway to multiply them.

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