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On Thursday, Latvia became the hundredth country that the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited officially while being in office, PolicyMic reports adding she excelled the record of Madeleine Albright who visited 96 countries.

Clinton sent to the website 100 photos of her visits throughout the world, while Armenian presents some of them with the amusing comments by PolicyMic.

Germany – Nice try, Angela, but your hairstyle is so pre-financial crisis.

Afghanistan - Ok, just pretend you're not in Kabul. Pretend you're not in Kabul. Pretend you're not in Kabul.

China - I hate meeting with debt collectors.

Egypt – So that's where you want to hang Hosni from?

Israel – I think Bibi just farted.

India – Is this India or San Francisco?

Great Britain – Nice pad. I see austerity hasn't hit Downing Street yet.

Kenya – Do you know my boss?

South Africa – Hold up. Mandela is still alive?!

Libya – I hope this means the same thing here as it does in America.

El-Salvador – If I don't eat these, my husband will. Trust me.

Iraq – Is that guy about to chuck a shoe?

Lebanon – I'm just going to pretend this creepy portrait isn't there.

Mexico – Father, I'm really pleased with how my portrait came out.

Trinidad and Tobago – Is the lady in green still there?

South Korea – I thought they wear red in the North?

Indonesia – Angelina is going to bring all of you to America!

Czech Republic – Worst. Party. Ever.

France – So, you lost to a Socialist. Join the club.

Kyrgyzstan – We promise to increase vowel exports to Kyrgyzstan as soon as possible.

Bahrain – I'm sexy and I know it.

Kosovo – Big Sister is watching you.

Ukraine - All I'm saying is, put a Ukrainian and a Russian next to one another, and I can't tell which is which.

Papua New Guinea – Did I overdress?

Australia - Enough of this bullshit. Where the kangaroos at?

Azerbaijan – You ever just need a hug sometimes?

Armenia – I told you, no questions about my outfit!

Georgia – Sadly, this former Soviet republic is in better shape than our Georgia.

Columbia – You girls should meet some of my Secret Service buddies!

Barbados – Enough chit-chat. Where's the beach?

Brazil – Password? I don't need no stinkin' password.

Saudi Arabia – Guys, you know it's like 110 degrees out, right?

Jordan – And then I said, 'Bill, what about my needs?

Tajikistan – I'll ask again. How much for the rug?

Greece – If only your economy looked that good.

Zambia – I feel out of place. Should've borrowed Boehner's spray tan.

Ethiopia – And then she realized ... the call was coming from inside the house!

Italy – Which one of you is touching my leg?

Togo – No autographs.

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