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GLENDALE. – Despite the diversity has increased in the Glendale city hall, the number of whites still dominates in the highest offices, which the biennial report informs.

Anyway the situation is gradually shifting, Glendale News-Press reports.

“The bottom line is that the organization is changing,” said Human Resources Director Matt Doyle.

According to the report, about 61 percent of 301 managers and executives last year were whites. However, that proportion was higher in 2002 at about 70 percent. At the same time, whites have decreased across the entire workforce roughly by 20 percent, to 933, since 2002. That decline may continue as white employees of the age of 55 and older retire.

The number of the Armenians has sharply increased by 83 percent making 362 since 2002. Armenians made up about 8 percent of the highest-ranking positions held last year. Doyle claims that Armenians are counted separately from whites, even though Armenians are considered Caucasian because the Armenian demographic makes significant part of the community.

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