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YEREVAN. – The editor-in-chief of Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Times) newspaper Hayk Gevorgyan has appealed the decision of the investigation officer to quash the criminal case filed against him.

Earlier Gevorgyan was accused of running over Ashot Frangulyan on January 13 and escaping the scene. Gevorgyan insisted that the alleged victim is lying and Gevorgyan’s vehicle had not ever touched the victim.

On June 20, the officer of investigation department of Armenia’s police A. Asatryan resolved on quashing the case because of lack of proofs. Gevorgyan learnt about the resolution on July 2 and appealed it within 7 days envisaged by Armenian legislation.

“The investigation officer did not have the right to quash the case with this substantiation, he should have quashed it because the constituent elements of the crime were lacking, but in this case he would have to file a criminal case against Frangulyan for defamation,” Hayk Gevorgyan told Armenian “I am sure I will be refused, but I will go through all the instances and finally I will prepare a petition to European Court. They are sure I will prove that the incident was planned in details and led by Police Chief Vova Gasparyan. This is why they will not take the case to the court.”

Hayk Gevorgyan was taken into custody on February 3 in connection with this case and transferred to prison and was released from prison as a result of certain pressure by the Armenian society.

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