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YEREVAN. – Speaking about the chances of the candidates running in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s (NKR) forthcoming presidential elections, Armenian National Assembly’s (NA) ruling Republican Party (RPA) MP and businessman Manvel Badeyan and the President’s NA representative Garnik Isagulyan did not reach an agreement, and therefore they decided to wager, Hraparak daily writes.    

“Badeyan insisted that he very much respects [NKR Presidential candidate, NKR NA non-party affiliate MP] Vitali [Balasanyan], but he will receive a mere 6-7, all right, up to 10 percent [of the votes]. At first, Isagulyan [on the other hand] insisted on close to 40 percent, then 30, [and] in the end he stopped at 20 [percent]. 

[And] The ‘loser’ [of the wager] promised to the MPs, who were in [RPA NA Faction leader] Galust Sahakyan’s room, to take [them] ‘somewhere and organize a feast,’” Hraparak writes.


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