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YEREVAN. – Cooperation between Armenia’s capital city Yerevan and Kazakh cities was discussed during the meeting between Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan and Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Ayimdoz Bozzhigitov.

Underscoring the high level of cooperation and partnership in Armenian-Kazakh interstate ties, Margaryan noted that, despite the warm and friendly relations between the capital cities of both countries in this context, there still is a lot to do in terms of bilateral and mutually beneficial cooperation.        

“I am confident that cooperation between the two [capital] cities need to be placed on more practical foundations, especially considering the cooperation potential that exists in Yerevan and in Astana alike. We are open and ready to discuss and materialize mutually beneficial programs. [And] Appreciating your personal contribution to consolidating Armenian-Kazakh ties, I am confident that you will do your utmost toward bringing to a proper level the cooperation between the capitals of Armenia and Kazakhstan, too” noted Taron Margaryan.         

In his turn, Ambassador Bozzhigitov pointed to the need for establishing more practical ties among Yerevan, Astana, and other Kazakh cities, and noted that he will contribute to establishing and developing these ties to the extent of his official power.

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