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The French public continues discussing the matter as to whether their country needs a draft law that criminalizes the denial of the Armenian Genocide. 

Newsring website of France continues its online opinion poll, whose current results are virtually split. From the 16,990 respondents who have participated so far, 51 percent are in favor of and 49 percent are against the passing of such bill in France.    

To note, French President François Hollande recently confirmed his pledge to adopt this law, when French FM Laurent Fabius’ announcement—that his country might not pass a new bill on criminalizing the Armenian Genocide’s denial—had caused concern among the Armenian community.   

But the President’s office was careful with respect to this legal measure, which the Government will use in order to fulfill Holland’s promise, and it notes that this matter is being studied.  

So, the French Presidential Palace did not clarify as to whether or not the obligation which Hollande assumed will actually become a law, and stressed that everything will depend on the study results.

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