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YEREVAN. – Actress Anzhela Sargsyan herself posted her nude pictures on the Internet, but solely Karen Arayan suffered from that, said Arayan’s mother, Marine Arayan, during a press conference on Wednesday.  

Marine Arayan also stated that Anzhela had introduced Karen everywhere as her bodyguard, but, when they were breaking up, the actress announced that Karen had raped her.

“Karen removed the photos several minutes after they were posted on the Internet. Anzhela’s girlfriend-lover sees the picture and says: ‘Karen posted your nude photos on the web. Subsequently, Anzhela posted all the picture on the Internet,” Marine Arayan said.

She noted, however, that she will not yet give out the name of Anzhela Sargsyan’s female lover, but she stressed that perhaps this person is known. 

As per Karen’s mother, Sargsyan could have resorted to such step because Karen had told her that he was getting ready to get engaged and form a family.   

Marine Arayan suspects that an official is behind Anzhela and that she is blackmailing him.

She also asked that if Anzhela really were a woman of ethics, as she portrays herself, why did she go to the media on immediately the next day of the pictures being posted on the Internet—so that the entire country will learn about it—and why did she file a complaint sixteen days after the incident.    

As Armenian informed earlier, Armenian actress Anzhela Sargsyan’s ex-boyfriend Karen Arayan was sentenced to prison on charges of illegal collection, storage, usage, or dissemination of information on personal or family life, and with illegal distribution of pornographic material, or objects with respect to Sargsyan.

Anzhela Sargsyan became popular in Armenia after her roles in the soap opera “Where is My Man?” (Armenian version of “Sex and the City”). This development had brought forth a huge social reaction, and, once the photos were posted on the Internet, her co-actresses refused to act with her.

Photo by Sona Barseghyan

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