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Armenian presents an article of Mitch Kehetian published in The Macomb Daily with some extractions.

Many who served the public as elected officials, including leaders from the Democratic and Republican ranks never hesitated at standing up for the recognition of the Armenian genocide of 1915-23 by the Ottoman Turkish government, a crime against humanity that present-day Turkey still denies. 

Michigan’s Senator Carl Levin reminds the American people we must “never forget the genocide visited upon the Armenians we remember today” in the U.S. Senate in April.

“Mr. President, this is a week to bear witness. Today, April 24, we mark Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, the day on which we remind one another of the organized campaign of deportation, expropriation, starvation and atrocity perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against its Armenian population,” Levin said in his speech in the Senate adding the historical record is clear and undeniable.

In linking the Armenian Genocide with the Jewish holocaust, Levin cited how Adolph Hitler ordered his Nazi commanders on the eve of the invasion of Poland, ‘Who today, after all, speaks of the annihilation of the Armenians.’ And so, he launched the Holocaust, ending the lives of 6 million Jews simply because they were Jewish.”

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