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Several Diaspora Armenians have reflected on the Turkish authorities’ latest vandalism at the Eruh region of Turkey’s Siirt (Sghert, in Armenian) Province. They called upon the country’s authorities to put an end to the disrespectful and terrible measures taken against other cultures and faiths.   

In the appeal, which is spearheaded by Nadya Uygun, these Armenians reacted to destruction of the Armenian cemetery, located nearby the Kurdish Xert village in the aforesaid province, and scattering of the dead Armenians’ bones all over the place.

The respective announcement pointed to the international media’s reaction to this horrendous occurrence, where this call was made: “Don’t go to Turkey, you will step on Armenians’ bones!”

“All this is a great disrespect toward cultures, faiths and the dead, and a terrible thing. We ask that everything is done to put an end to these inhuman actions,” the statement reads. 

The persons behind the statement also demanded to inform as to who permitted, or turned a blind eye, to this, and they demanded that the cemetery be restored and preserved.

As Armenian informed earlier, the aforementioned Armenian cemetery was destroyed in order to build a new road.

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