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SASSOON. – Armenians from Armenia, the Diaspora, and different parts of Turkey conducted a pilgrimage to the Armenian chapel located atop Mount Marout (Maratuk) in Turkey’s Sassoon city (PHOTOS). 

As Armenian’s reporter informed from Sassoon, all pilgrims were able to climb the mountain and conduct their pilgrimage to the Supreme Holy Mary Chapel without difficulties.

To note, however, that the Turkish media had informed earlier that the annual pilgrimage was restricted this year by Sassoon’s Mayor and Provincial District Governor, on the grounds that it is currently the Ramadan season in Turkey, and Sassoon’s authorities had stated that the mountain climb is rescheduled for September.

Around 100 Armenians, who had arrived in Sassoon, climbed to Mount Marout’s slopes on the evening of July 28 and with special transportation vehicles. And around two hours later, the pilgrims arrived at the Chapel, which is located at an elevation of 2,973 meters above sea level. The pilgrims lit candles, prayed, and chanted spiritual songs at the Chapel.

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