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YEREVAN.-US presidential candidates will hardly give any evasive promises to American Armenians regarding the acknowledgment of the Armenian genocide, Armenian Cause (Hay Dat) Office Chief Giro Manoyan told Armenian

On Saturday the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) sent Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney an invitation to address the voters of the Armenian origin. Prior to that, similar invitation had been sent to President Barack Obama.

“I don’t think the candidates have any reasons to give evasive answers. I expect that they will clearly present and explain their positions. Another point is whether the statements made will be fulfilled, but at least at this stage there will be clear messages,” said Manoyan.

In 2003-2077 Romney served as a governor of the state of Massachusetts, where a fairly large Armenian community lives. Asked whether Romney’s favorable position can be expected taking into account large Armenian community of Massachusetts, Manoyan responded, “I think both sides have the chance to positively focus on the issues of Armenian Genocide, American-Armenian relations and Karabakh issue.”

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