September 23
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YEREVAN. – Every country faces a variety of challenges and perils, and Armenia is not an exception, Armenian Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation Director, political analyst Stepan Grigoryan said during a press conference on Tuesday.  

In his words, Armenia’s foreign challenges include ties with Georgia, the Syrian issue, and the US presidential elections.

“We responded to the challenges very correctly. A new ambassador to Georgia was appointed, who works actively, successively. He needs to work with Georgia’s government actively, [and] raise the Armenians’ problems,” the political scientist noted.  

With respect to the processes occurring in the Arab world, Grigoryan argued that Armenia responded very cautiously and properly to the processes in Syria, and that the Armenian Government manifested a very moderate and constructive position. In the political analyst’s words, it is wrong to turn Syrian Armenians into refugees and to relocate them, because the Armenians in Syria have a great heritage and position in that country.     

Reflecting on the US presidential elections, Stepan Grigoryan expressed a view that a Republican Party victory is more convenient for Armenia, since the Republicans deal with world affairs, including Armenia.

In conclusion, Grigoryan stressed that, in terms of security, protection of national borders, and safeguarding the security of Nagorno-Karabakh, it would be difficult and dangerous for Armenia if solely one power ruled in this region. In the political scientist’s words, Russia, US, and the EU must rule in this region.

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