April 17
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By Ivan Gharibyan

BAKU. – The first photos of the smiling murderer Ramil Safarov are available on the Azerbaijani TV channels.

The ATV–international news program showed several photos of Safarov, who was issued an amnesty by the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev for having killed an Armenian serviceman Gurgen Margaryan, while the latter was slipping. Safarov was shown accompanied by his relatives and also an important preacher of modern Azerbaijani neo-fascism, ruling New Azerbaijan party MP Ganir Pashaev.

Realizing very well that the issue of running an anti-Armenian fascist propaganda on the state level finally got a positive response, Azerbaijani journalists undertook an immoral attempt of justifying the cruel murder of an Armenian serviceman Gurgen Margaryan, in his sleep. The TV channel cynically stated that the victim of the murderer has allegedly insulted the Azerbaijani people, mocked the memory of the Azerbaijani victims died in the Nagorno-Karabakh war. As a matter of fact, reports that Margaryan has made such provocative actions are nothing but another shameless and cynical fiction of the same Azerbaijani state-propaganda machine, proved the investigation by Hungarian law enforcement bodies.

It always hurts when losing, especially in a war instigated by the loser. It hurts even more when the winner is twice smaller by the territory. And from a country and a nation, which has only a hundred years of history without any real historical-cultural platform and which has nothing else but the nomad as a tradition - from Azerbaijan of the 2012 - one goes back to Germany in its 1930s. And all this is done after the 1945.

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