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YEREVAN. – Iran’s Ambassador to Armenia, Mohammad Reisi, extended his appreciation to the Government of Armenia for its humanitarian assistance provided to the survivors of the recent devastating earthquake that hit Tabriz, Armenia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations informed Armenian    

“Under such circumstances, the compassion by noble friends comforts the loved ones of the victims of such natural disasters. I ask God that may no such tragedy occur with any people. I wish good health and happiness to the dearly beloved Armenian people, and glory to the distinguished Government of Armenia,” Iran’s ambassador noted.        

As Armenian informed earlier, the Government of Armenia had adopted a decision to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Iran on August 11.  

Relief equipment worth close to AMD 57 million (approx. $139,155) was allocated for this purpose. Armenia’s humanitarian assistance to Iran comprised 26,000 boxes of canned food, about 40,000 liters of drinking water, 81 tents—which can house around 700 people—1,000 blankets, 6,000 sheets, 300 mattresses, 460 sleeping bags, and 100 portable beds.

Five trucks loaded with Armenia’s earthquake relief to Iran had headed from Yerevan to that country on June 17 at around 7:30pm.  

The humanitarian assistance was delivered to Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province Crisis Headquarters.

To note, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit northwestern Iran on August 11, killing 300 people and injuring close to 2,500. The tremor was felt in Armenia and Azerbaijan, too.

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