May 18
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The article, entitled “Just like on that day” by Serpil Chevikdzhan, the News Director of Ankara in the Turkish Milliyet says that memorial palace located in Turkey Cankaya Presidential House, the residents of the capital gave to Atatürk. Opposed to this statement are known Turkish historian Baskin Oran and the Sedat Öktem.

Öktem noted that he was very glad to read Chevikdzhan’s publication, but stressed that the president’s house was not given to Ataturk, but was taken away from an Armenian family in Armenian Genocide of 1915.

The historian, Professor Baskin Oran also joined the discussion, stressing that Ghasabyans did not sell the ward to anybody.

“The state took away this ward and property belonging to Armenians, and it was said that in the future they will be returned, but that did not happen. Since 1919, real estate left by Armenians, was actually taken away or put up for auction,” noted Oran.

According to the historian, in 1983 and 2001 according to two governmental decrees it was forbidden to show cadastral acts committed prior to August 1924. Furthermore, in 2006, it was banned by the National Security Council, citing national security concerns.

“In your publication you should have written that this ward had belonged to an Armenian family and was taken away by the state,” Oran added.

The author of the aforementioned article Serpil Chevikdzhan after all came forward with an explanation that his goal was not a representation of the history of the House, but emphasizing the importance of the House, where Ataturk lived.

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