February 25
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The relatives of national Armenian singer Flora Martirosyan, who passed away in the United States of America on November 20, are going to turn to court. During a conversation with Armenian this was stated by Martirosyan’s family member, her sister’s son, Manuk. Who they are going to sue – the hospital or the doctors personally, he did not clarify. But relatives are determined and want to know the singer’s cause of death.

Presently an Armenian lawyer is collecting the relevant documents, and when they are ready, the application will be proceeded. Manuk said that what the autopsy had determined is not completely ready. Flora Martirosyan’s relatives are not in a hurry to blame somebody in her heath or to voice names, as they are not sure and do not have proof, and “the court will determine the guilty.” But they voice their surprise over the fact of how a person can die as a result of a gallbladder surgery, when this kind of operation is performed in countries that do not have such progressed medicine. Manuk told that Flora Martirosyan did not have any health problems.

“I don’t remember her taking any medicine,” he added. “She has always been very healthy, she had some pains, that is why she went to the hospital, to get checked, and they discovered stones, which were removed.”

He highlighted that Martirosyan went to the surgery “on her own legs,” but she still had some pains after the surgery and she again turned to the hospital, that is, when the unfortunate event happened.

Flora Martirosyan was operated on in “Glendale Memorial” hospital, family members informed.

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