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YEREVAN.- President of German Bundestag Norbert Lammert believes the EU is completely unready to accept new members.

Speaking during the meeting with students and professors of the Yerevan State University, Lammert characterized EU as a system of inner and outer circles. Thus, speaking about further steps for Armenia’s integration into EU, he said the idea of having associative members is the idea of combining inner and outer circles and other states with a particular status within the EU.

“It is obvious that we have much more in common, much more political, economic and cultural interests with a country like Armenia, than with any African country and nearly any Asian country. We have an interest to strengthen the ties but in a particular system,” he said.

Norbert Lammert is confident that countries willing to become EU members must develop the domestic structures. He brought an example of Romania and Bulgaria, saying he was skeptical about their membership and now he is convinced that his doubts were realistic.

“After becoming an EU member the motivation to develop domestic structures has gone,” he emphasized.


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