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Turkish President Abdullah Gul considered as shameful the firing of prominent journalist Hasan Cemal from Milliyet daily.  

Gul said he always appreciates the writers that freely express their thoughts, Aksam daily of Turkey informs. 

“What was done against Hasan Cemal was a great shame,” the president of Turkey stated.

To note, Hasan Cemal, who is the grandson of Cemal Pasha—one of the architects behind the Armenian Genocide—, is among those unique Turkish journalists that recognize the Armenian Genocide. Cemal had visited Armenian capital city Yerevan’s Genocide Memorial in 2008 and apologized to the Armenians for the genocide. 

In 2012, Hasan Cemal published his book entitled “1915: Armenian Genocide,” which he dedicated to the memory of Hrant Dink, the founder and chief editor of Istanbul’s Agos Armenian bilingual weekly, who was gunned down in 2007 in front of his office building.

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