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YEREVAN. – There are volunteers in Armenia who have expressed a wish to set up a volunteer detachment and head to Syria to protect the Armenian-populated areas (PHOTOS).

Several dozens of Armenian citizens, who on Wednesday staged a demonstration in front of the UN Office in Armenia, told the aforementioned to reporters.

“We want to form a 20-30 member detachment. We will inform the [Armenian] government about this idea.

“[But] for the most part, this detachment can help the Syrian Armenians emotionally, so they sense that their compatriots stand with them, and they will be with them at the moment of need,” initiative member Arman Mkhitaryan told

In his words, however, the UN’s silence on this matter is strange.

“We want to remind this organization the objectives it is called to serve. We condemn the UN’s silence; this is a crime, a silent acquiescence to Turkey’s actions,” Mkhitaryan added.

Subsequently, the protestors handed a respective letter to the UN Office in Armenia.

In the early morning on March 21, armed militants from the Jabhat al-Nusra Islamic terrorist group infiltrated into northern Syria’s Latakia Governorate, which is predominantly inhabited by Armenians and Alawites, from four directions. Two large groups of terrorists had launched the attack from Turkey. About 600 Kessab-Armenian families are currently sheltered in Latakia city. On March 23, Turkish fighter planes downed a Syrian military aircraft that was conducting a mission against the Islamic terrorists in Kessab. On Monday, a group of Armenian parliament members headed to Latakia.

Photo by Arsen Sargsyan/

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