September 22
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YEREVAN. – Visa facilitation agreement signed between EU and Armenia will lead to easier, cheaper and faster way to get the Schengen visas, an EU expert said.

The process of getting visas simplified in a certain sense, former policy advisor on migration at the EU Advisory Group in Armenia Eleonora Vergeer  told Armenian

First of all you must submit fewer documents to prove why you want to go abroad. However, on the other hand, the agreement did not facilitate the process of presenting some of the other evidence such as the fact that you have enough money for the period of stay. Besides, is the consulate is interested, you must prove that you have family ties to return to Armenia, Vergeer said.

Sometimes the consulate may ask to prove that you have a property in Armenia as it is  the reason to return. From this perspective, the expert expressed doubts about the extent to which the citizens of Armenia actually felt the difference after the agreement was signed.

The simplified is the process of justifying the purpose of leaving abroad, because now you need to submit only one document. Besides, the visa fee reduced from 60 euros to 35. There are certain categories of people for whom the visa is free: children under 12, pensioners, journalists, students, scientists, and other categories.

The expert added that getting multi-entry visa for a year or up to two years, or even five years has become much easier. 

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