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The Azerbaijani media continue to conduct public opinion polls.

A new survey, which was posted on, is about Azerbaijan’s recent downing of a Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) helicopter.

The survey is entitled, “Was the decision to shoot the Armenian helicopter correct?” 

The respondents are offered three options as answer: “Yes, it was correct,” “No, it was not correct; this could exacerbate the situation,” and, “Undecided.”    

So far, 331 people have participated in the survey.

Another opinion poll was devoted to the two members of an Azerbaijani intelligence-gathering sabotage team, who are currently standing trial in the NKR. 

The survey is entitled, “What do you think about the actions by the partisans from Kelbajar [i.e., Karvachar]?”

The respondents are offered three options as answer: “I justify their actions. They wanted to visit familiar places and they did nothing objectionable,” “This was a foolish adventurism, which will cost dearly to the partisans and bring suffering to their relatives,” and, “Undecided.”       

So far, 520 people have participated in this survey.

But no information is given on how the respondents had answered. 

The first case refers to provocation and the violation of the Geneva Convention, whereas the second incident is about several criminal offenses.

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