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Armenian correspondent Vera Martirosyan talked to the German famous  reporter Uli Hesse about the possible transfer of Armenian national team midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Borussia to Juventus.

"There's no way Dortmund will sell him now, during this transfer window. The club desperately need him for the second half of the season and the, it's hard to even type this, relegation fight. Yes, he hasn't been playing well so far (he hasn't scored or set up a goal), but that holds true for most other players, too. With Reus so injury-prone, the club cannot do without Mkhitaryan.

So that leaves only two possibilities for a move in the near future: either Mkhitaryan desperately wants to leave or Juventus offer an enormous sum of money for him. I rule out the first option, because I think Mkhitaryan wants to prove himself in Dortmund (and also likes the coach and the club). The second option is virtually non-existent, because Dortmund need points, not money, and I don't think Juventus could afford the transfer.

I don't think so. He's too important. Aubameyang and Kagawa are away with their national teams and won't be back before the second half of the season begins. Reus, like I said, is very injury-prone. So Dortmund will need Mkhitaryan in offensive midfield. A loan deal would only make sense if Dortmund could do without the player, but they can't.

Don't forget that Dortmund loaned out Jonas Hofmann early in the season because they thought they had too many midfielders and then admitted it was a mistake. Of course there's always the possibility that Kevin Kampl, the new signing, is an immediate hit. But we won't know this before the transfer windows closes. Loaning out Mkhitaryan would be too much of a risk," said Hesse.

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