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WASHINGTON, DC. – American-Armenian billionaire Kirk Kerkorian has decided funding the making of a movie about love, death, and the Armenian Genocide.

The project’s press secretary, who wished to remain anonymous, told about the aforementioned to the Washington, DC. correspondent of Armenian  

In the spokesperson’s words, the film will be the story of a great love against the backdrop of the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide in 1915. 

It turns out Kerkorian has long had a thought of screening this idea.

The selection of the plot and the cast, however, has not yet begun.

Even though the budget issue is also unclear, there should be no problems with funding.

According to the source, the shooting of the movie will begin in three or four months, and probably in about six months, Kirk Kerkorian, who is known in the American press as the “King of Las Vegas,” will make a statement for the media, and present the details of the plot of the film and its cast.

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