June 27
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By Vera Martirosyan/  Vera&Football

The Albanians respect their opponents and fans, something that happened in Serbia is a unique situation, chief editor of Tony Pandovski told Armenian correspondent Vera Martirosyan.

This match Albania – Armenia will be very important for two squads. How your team is getting prepared for this game?  Is your squad all ok without any missing players?

For Albania it is a very important match, knowing they lost three very crucial points on the match against Serbia. Team is optimistic. They haven't start preparations for this match yet. So far there have been no major injuries and there are no players missing

How did Albania manage to defeat Portugal? Thanks to what?

I would say a little bit of luck and defense. They defended well and counter attacked on the second half and executed their opportunities. Don't forget, Albania appears to be a bad luck for Portugal as they took 0-0 draw on 2007 in Braga Portugal, playing with 10 players all second half.

Do you think this is the strongest squad of Albania during all your history?

It is hard to say if this is the best team on history of Albania, because different generations, different teams, but the 1967 team who tied 0-0 with West Germany and eliminated Germans from the 1968 Euro it was special. This actual team, it is a solid team, but I will still think the team of 2002-2006 was the best I have seen for the last 30-35 years

Which аre the strongest and the weakest sides in your team?

The strongest side of the team is the team leadership and the group of players. They have heart, determination and play as a team. The weakest part I would say is not being able finishing games strong. They take the lead in the last 10-15 minutes, but they are not able to capitalize it.

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What are expectations in Albania for this game?

After what happened against Serbia, Albanian players, coaches and fans cannot wait for this match to be played. They just want to play soccer and leave behind what happened on Belgrad. Everybody is anxious to see a soccer game played in Albania and get over the past.

What do you know about Armenian national squad and Armenia?

Not very much. I know Armenia has almost an equal team as Albania, has a veteran/leader goalie and the rest of the team are young players. I know you have a very good player Mikhytaryan and he can be bring difference in a match of equal teams.

Can we say that in case Albania wins, you will have at least 70% to take the third place in the group?

Well, we are already on the third place, so a win can put us on the top of the group tied with Denmark for at least few hours.

Aren't you afraid of clashes at the stadium or after the match between Armenian and Albanian fans?

Absolutely not. In Albania, the fans respect the opposition fans and teams. What happened against Serbia, was a unique situation.

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