January 18
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An attack took place on Thursday night at Camp Armen Armenian orphanage in Istanbul, Turkey, reported Agos Armenian bilingual weekly of Istanbul.

Accordingly, unidentified persons attacked and beat two of the “watchmen,” on the hundredth day of keeping watch against the demolition of the orphanage.    

The Nor Zartonk movement of Istanbul Armenians, and which is keeping this watch in the area, released a statement regarding this attack.

“After the harassment continued for days, a fascist attack has occurred on 13.08.2015 at around 11:30pm,” the statement reads. “The individuals, who came to the door of Camp Armen with two vehicles, have attacked with sticks our comrades standing guard. The attack was disposed of, [but] in the meantime, two of our friends were beaten.”

Nor Zartonk added, however, that this incident cannot break their resolve, and they will continue their struggle with the same determination.

Camp Armen Armenian orphanage was confiscated by the Turkish authorities back in 1987. Subsequently, it was sold to a Turkish businessman who, in turn, decided to demolish the orphanage and build luxury homes in the premises. As a result of public pressure, however, the demolition of the orphanage has been temporarily halted.

The camp was once home to around 1,500 Armenian children, including the late Hrant Dink—the founder and chief editor of Agos Armenian bilingual weekly of Istanbul, and who was shot dead on January 19, 2007 outside the office of his weekly—, and his wife Rakel.

The orphanage sought to help underprivileged Armenian children and orphans, who had moved to Istanbul from other parts of Turkey, get an education.

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