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“On arriving in Yerevan, the place I visited first was the Memorial to Armenian Genocide victims. This morning I laid flowers at the eternal flame and was greatly impressed, just as I was impressed while visiting the Memorial to Holocaust victims in Tel Aviv,” Gérard Depardieu, the renowned French actor, who arrived in Yerevan to take part in the Karot festival, told a press conference in Yerevan.

“I know why so many Armenians live in France. I know they are descendants of victims of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey – in the fourth generation. I have many acquaintances among them. I am surprised that even in the fourth generation they did not lose their language and culture. Many young people want to rediscover their Homeland. There are really great people among Armenians in France,” the renowned actor said. He does not rule out he may address the Armenian Genocide in his creative activities.

Gérard Depardieu is sure that Turkey will admit the Armenian Genocide one day. “The process is already under way. Many countries demand admission of the Armenian Genocide from Turkey,” he said.

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