September 27
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In December 2015, Moldova will open the restored manor of Manuc Bei Mirzoyan, Viorel Miron, President of Association of Tourism Development in Moldova, told Armenian News – correspondent.  The manor is located near the city of Hîncești not far from Chișinău. Its reconstruction was launched back in 2006, the overall volume of work amounting to 3 mln Euro, which was mainly covered by an EU grant and partly by means of local self-government.

“We turned both to Armenia and Armenian benefactors and entrepreneurs, but, unfortunately, no relevant means were found. But we are happy that this monument, which is important to us, has been restored. Now it is included in one of the national tourist itineraries of Moldova’s Tourism Agency. Due to its vicinity to Chișinău, it is one of the most interesting weekend routes for family rest,” Miron said.  

Chișinău city architect Alexander Bernardazzi, as well as masters from Odessa and Romania took part in the construction of Manuc-Bei’s manor in the 19th century.  

The interior of the mansion hasn’t been preserved, but the modern masters are restoring the furniture and houseware according to the preserved layouts.  

“We decided to prepare a small surprise for the visitors in the basement. Apart from the cellar in the traditional Moldovan style, we reconstructed the baths of those times to show the tourists the atmosphere of boyar luxury,” Miron said.

Manuc Bei Mirzoyan was an Armenian diplomat and financier in the Ottoman court. He was a mediator in the conclusion of peace treaty between Turkey and Russia in 1806-12. After the end of the war, the Ottoman Empire accused him of Russian espionage, following which Manuc Bei moved to Bessarabia included in Russia. There he began to construct the palace, which his successors later completed.  

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