March 26
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“Melody for Harmony” initiative will unite the Armenian and Turkish musicians in Yerevan’s Hakob Paronyan Musical Comedy Theatre Monday. The musicians will participate in the program aimed at the rapprochement of the people through cultural ties. And on December 22, the same musicians will perform in Istanbul.

In the framework of the intercultural initiative, the widely-known Armenian rock band  “The Beautified Project”, Turkish Armenian singer Sibil Bektorosoglu and other famous Turkish musicians playing on national instruments will take to the stage. 

Göksel Baktagir, one of the Turkish musicians, told Armenian News – correspondent that having lived side by side during many years, the Armenian and Turkish cultures have merged with each other thus carrying each other’s influence.

“Now I work at Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which is working at an album including Armenian folk songs performed by Armenian musicians. This way our closely interrelated cultures will be presented. We ourselves use the beautiful Armenian music and its elements in our programs,” he said.

The Turkish musician underscored the special importance of “Melody for Harmony” project implemented in cooperation with the U.S. government. “Music is a wonderful phenomenon. It doesn’t need a passport for crossing borders. I’m sure the project will be continuous and we’ll achieve the best results,” Göksel Baktagir said.  

According to the singer Sibil Bektorosoglu, the project was he dream long ago. “I always told my Turkish friends that the day would come when they would come to Armenia and see our country and [feel] its warmth. I’m very glad the Turkish musicians were given a warm welcome here. They will tell about this warm welcome in their country,” Sibil said.  

At the concert the musicians will perform four songs: “Bari Arakil” and “Cilicia” with “The Beautified Project” band, “Letter” with the Turkish musicians and the new song “Only you.”

According to Burak Malchok, who plays the Turkish folk instrument ney, Armenians and Turks are two neighborly nations and should show their unity through that project.    

For her part, Jacqueline Deley, Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Armenia, stressed that the Embassy welcomes and supports this important cultural initiative with the participation of the Armenian and Turkish musicians.

According to her, this concert unites the cultural and musical diversity on one stage, creating harmony and unity. 

In the words of Andre Simonian, the producer, singer and composer of “The Beautified Project” band, this project was his dream for many years. “I just didn’t have the corresponding resources. I’m very glad the U.S. Embassy has provided support. Through our culture we try to show that the people should be friends regardless of the political situation,” Andre said.

The concert program also includes the new song “Don’t blame me” written by “The Beautified Project” specially for the coming concert.  Parallel with the concert, the clip of the new song will be shot in both countries. 

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