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Armenia has registered significant achievements in all areas of its life. Armenia is a state aspiring to democratic progress and international integration, RA Ambassador to Russia Oleg Yesayan stated in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper. Armenia, which declared its independence 19 years ago by means of referendum, made the forefathers’ dream come true. “It is not an end in itself, but a form and way of full involvement in developing human culture by creating a modern and democratic society, preserving its own national identity and moral principles,” Yesayan said.

As regards Armenia’s foreign policy principles in the context of security, he said that Armenia’s foreign policy is based on fundamental principles of complementarity and political realism. The complementarity principle implies that Armenia pursues its national interests by building up its international relations on the basis of partnership rather than by means of competition or confrontation of forces.

“The principal component of Armenia’s security is first of all its relations with Russia, cooperation in the defense, as well as military and technical fields, bilateral strategic partnership and Armenia’s membership in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO),” Yesayan said.

According to him, the present threats to Armenia’s national security, need for ensuring politico-military balance and stability in the Caucasus predetermine the present high level of Armenian-Russian strategic cooperation. “This is the reason for the presence of Russian military base #102 in Gyumri. Under a bilateral protocol, its presence has been prolonged for up to 49 years. The document contains a clearer wording, namely, that the Russian military base will also ensure the security of the Republic of Armenia. With this end in view, the Russian side plans to supply modern weapons and military equipment to Armenia,” Yesayan said.

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