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Now everything is going towards breaking out of a war in Karabakh conflict zone at any moment, there being no constraining factors, military expert and Head of the Caucasus Department of CIS Countries Institute, Vladimir Yevseyev. told Armenian News –  

In his words, the number of casualties from the Azerbaijani side is of no importance. “This was said directly. At the same time, the number of casualties will be kept secret, since according to information, the Azerbaijani side is lowering the number by 20 times.  In these conditions it is possible to fight for quite a long time,” Yevseyev said.

According to the military expert, the offensive was pushed back, inflicting great losses. “The Azerbaijani side actually managed to maintain only one high point. And thus there is a wish to repeat everything, considering the mistakes made last time. But now I think that they will not deploy their troops to the Armenian side without powerful artillery preparation,” Yevseyev noted.

There will be quite a lot of service ammunitions and night vision equipment at the frontline. “I would very much like the Armenian side to have more drones. Anyway, perhaps Russia could share with what it has.  The situation is extremely volatile.  I don’t see the steps which can prevent the unfavorable development of events,” Vladimir Yevseyev said.

In his opinion, what is done today is not enough. “The conflict is already unfrozen. In the conditions of unfrozen conflict it is necessary to take urgent measures to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy which took place in the beginning of April. But now everything goes towards the recurrence of the early April situation - perhaps with greater number of casualties.  Besides, I think Russia could and must enhance the air defense of Armenia, since nobody can rule out the Azerbaijani side’s attempts to attack not only the Nagorno-Karabakh territory but also Armenia,” Yevseyev stressed. If they directly threaten to attack Stepanakert, they will most likely try to attack the territory of Armenia, the expert clarified. 

“I consider the actions taken by the Russian side as insufficient. France, which is the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair, doesn’t do much either: it doesn’t completely fulfill its functions. And I think that the U.S. could do much more in terms of diminishing the possibility of conflict recurrence,” he noted.

In Yevseyev’s words, what was done contributed to stopping the war, but the war stopped not because Russia and U.S. interfered, but because the Armenian troops reached the positions occupied earlier. “And after that Azerbaijan was ready for talks. That is, the mediators played no role here. Nevertheless, not much depends on the mediators here. More depends on the heroic Armenian servicemen, who are at the frontline,” the expert concluded.  

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