July 20
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By Vera Martirosyan

PARIS. – Wednesday is the sixth day of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Euro 2016 which France is hosting, and the second-round games in the group stage kicked off on this day. 

But clashes between fans continue in various cities in the country.

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Today, however, let’s speak a little about Paris, the capital city.

Renowned French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac had said, “See Paris and die.”

Paris has always been a city of contrasts. Extreme poverty had surrounded luxuriance even during the reign of the kings. There is everything in this respect in today’s Paris, too.

The majority of the twenty communities of Paris are affluent. But there also are the poor and the middle-class, together with the very fine and expensive communities.

Several Paris suburbs are considered to be very dangerous.

But there is also another Paris, which attracts 70 million tourists each year.

The parks and forests of Paris are another story altogether. This truly is the city of lovers, but at the same time, the shopping capital.

Even though Paris is an expensive city, you will not go hungry here.

The Paris public transport system operates very well, and the taxis also function most excellently.

There is a great number of police officers patrolling the Paris streets these days, and they are armed with automatic weapons.

Paris will remain a football town until the end of Euro 2016. And the Eiffel Tower is “decorated” with the colors of the national flag of a country, every day.

But the first desire that arises from coming to Paris is to fall in love.

Ucom company is the main sponsor of the Armenian coverage of Euro 2016.

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