July 23
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By Vera Martirosyan

TOLOUSE. – Armenian News – correspodent Vera Martirosyan talked with the well-known Russian commentator Roman Gutsait in Toulouse.

What do you think about the organization of the Champoionsip?

In my opinion, everything is very good, i.e. we always meet stewardesses and workers who speak English and Spanish. So, in this sense, no problems arise.

I know that many people are complaining, but the complainiants are those who pass a very scrupulous check together with the fans. When you arrive here by car, you are always asked to open the baggage hold and they look into the glovebox – even if you have a journalist's pass. But I think this is correct, since the events which took place in France recently made the security workers approach more attentively what is going on here during Euro. I don't see any problems here.

Which matches have you attended? Did you watch the matches of your squad from the stadium?

Not from the stadium, since we are working and moving all the time.  We have been to Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nice and Cannes. But the European Championship wasn't held in Cannes: We visited it just for our own pleasure. We also visited Monaco: a photo near Monte-Carlo casino is a must for such a trip.

I watched the other matches of the squad on TV. Of course, we strongly cheered ours in the match against the English. Together with Genady Orlov we watched the match against England in the bar of our hotel, and when our team scored a gole at the end, there were only Welsh around, since the Welsh and Slovaks played in Bordeaux that day. The Welsh were immensely happy because they first of all became the group leaders and also because they still don't like the English. Thus, everyone was cheering our squad.

What about the incidents in Marseille and Lille involving the English and Russian fans?

This is horribly sad, since when people go to fight instead of watching football, this means they are simply narrow-minded and this very badly influences the reputation of both Russia and England. But I should say that these events in Marseille were discussed more in our country, since there was practically no talk about this in France, for instance, in Toulouse and Bordeaux, which we visited then.  That is, there was certain news, but the French TV mainly focused on football, which is very pleasant. Each of their programs is about football. They analyze football matches and this is cool.

The third round of group stage...are favorites already known? The same French squad didn't play very well yesterday...

The French squad strongly changed its roster yersterday. Deschamps tried to give the other guys an opportunity to express themselves. I think the Spanish and Italians are the favorites. And, of course, the French, since they are the championship hosts.

What about the Germans?

Frankly speaking, I don't like the Germans much yet. According to my visual impression of the game, Spain already manages everything well; they score goals and never miss. As to Italy, yes, they have no stars in their attack, but [instead] they have an amazing organization. We commented one of the Italians' matches. It is incredibly difficult to net this squad, and this is their strongest side. Even if they play with, for instance, Spain, they are fully able not to miss, and can thus go very far.  

Who is currently the best footballer?

For me, of course, the Spanish squad player Andrés Iniesta, since what he did with the Czechs and Turks is magic. In this tournament he showed what nobody else has shown. This is fantastic. The treatment with the ball, the football intellect...he is an absolute candidate for the title of the best player of the tournament. 

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