July 17
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By Vera Martorisyan

TOULOUSE. - The 13th day of Euro 2016 proved indeed unsuccessful for some countries. Turkey and Albania had a chance to leave the group being on the third place, but weren’t able to. The greatest surprise came from the Italians, who lost to Ireland, giving them an opportunity to leave the group. And the Turks went home, fortunately for me, since I will no longer listen to the song about Arda Turan under my window every day since early morning.

One of the teams with the greatest number of fans, Sweden, left the group. The number of the Swedish was indeed very great in France these days. Wherever you looked, you could see the yellow color. Zlatan Ibrahimović announced about ending his career. Therefore, we may no longer see Sweden in next championships. This time Zlatan had alone taken his team to the European Championship.

The Albanians were not many, but they were very active. This was their first game in the European Championship. The Albanians, who left the struggle, were the only new squad in Euro. The rest, Iceland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Slovakia, will continue the struggle.

It's already known which pairs will play in 1/8 final.

Let's try to make the following predictions:

Poland will win in Switzerland vs. Poland match,

Croatia in Croatia vs. Portugal match,

Wales in Wales vs. Northern Ireland match,

It's hard to make a prediction in case of Hungary vs. Belgium match, but Belgium will possibly win,

Germany in Germany vs. Slovakia match,

Italy in Italy vs. Spain match,

France in France vs. Ireland match,

Iceland in England vs. Iceland match.

It's quiet in France today and tomorrow. And while the Armenians are waiting for the visit of Pope Francis, the footballers here are getting ready for the playoff matches. Meanwhile the fans... the most interesting starts here. A period of big discounts has kicked off in France since June 22. Almost all the shops offer 50 percent discount, which is, of course, a good chance to rest a little and get wants and needs met.

In fact, they say the Russian tourists have also stayed in France to spend their vacation in the French Riviera and go shopping. But this half in earnest, half in jest.

I'd also like to add, that yesterday the Eiffel Tower was lit in the colors of Iceland’s squad...

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