February 05
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YEREVAN. – The ElectricYerevan “era” ended last year on July 5, when Baghramyan Avenue, which the youth in the capital city had blocked off for nearly two weeks and demanded the revoking of the decision on raising the electricity prices in Armenia, was reopened in the afternoon on that day.

Even though their demand was not completely met, this movement became a new script in the young generation’s struggle in the history of independent Armenia. 

The symbolic pictures of those days at Baghramyan Avenue in downtown Yerevan appeared among the best photographs in the leading international media.

Two “heroes” of these pictures spoke with Armenian one year after this event, and recalled the respective successes and failures.

Karo Ghukasyan is the “hero” of the famous photograph where he “responds” with his middle fingers to the  police water cannon that attempted to enervate their struggle.

Karo said he also learned major life lessons from those days, and became convinced that all changes in Armenia depend solely on the struggle by the people.

He added that the fight must continue.

“The stereotypes were broken,” noted Karo. “Those people, who were saying nothing will change, came and joined us [on those days].” 

Another instant from the ElectricYerevan days was “perpetuated” thanks to Helena Melkonyan and her boyfriend. 

On the first day of this struggle, when the situation was tense, the couple had hugged and kissed each other when finding one another during the “volatile” situation.

The kissing couple are married now.

Helena said the good and the bad about ElectricYerevan.

“It remains for me as the most scandalous and the most unsuccessful struggle because it broke the people; I believe it broke [them],” she said.  “Of course, there were positive changes, too. It was the first time that that amount of youth assembled [for a common cause in Armenia].”

The “heroine” of the said photograph also expressed a view that ElectricYerevan is a good example for how to start a struggle.

“It’s a perfect example of a good start,” concluded Helena.

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