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YEREVAN. - The Sansa Tsrer armed group, which has seized Erebuni police station, hasn’t taken hostage any doctor, but requires a medical shift crew.

Member of “Founding Parliament”radical opposition group, Alec Yenikomshian, said the aforementioned Wednesday at the meeting with journalists, referring to the statement disseminated by the police that the doctors were taken hostage.

“There are two wounded inside: the one who was wounded previously and another who suffered a slight injury yesterday. The members are in control of the situation and are determined. Sansa Tsrer has two practical demands. One refers to the medical service.  Currently there are doctors inside, and the police announce that Sasna Tsrer has taken them hostages. There is no such thing: the members demand medical crew shift and there is no issue of keeping them by force. Let the crew come and replace those inside. Holding the doctors hostage is a subsequent lie and slander.  The members simply want the presence of the doctors there to be long-term and in shifts. The second demand is that the members require the MPs to come up with a serious demand to the police to let them go and meet with the Sansa Tsrer members,” Yenikomshian said.

The “Founding Parliament” member thus urged the MPs to go and demand to enter the police station territory and meet with the group members.

Asked at which stage are currently the negotiations, Alec Yenikomshian said: “There have been no negotiations in the recent days. The negotiations which were held were of imitational nature: the representatives of the authorities held no real negotiations. Sefilian offered his support from the very first day. They had told to release the hostages first, promising to talk about the rest afterwards. The hostages have been released, but there is no talk about the rest. The practice of lies and mean stances is continuing.”

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